Patrick Wall, music editor emeritus of Columbia, SC’s freetimes newspaper reviewed TSP’s latest release “Art of the Song, vol.2: Ballads“. His review was a “compliment sandwich” balancing his experiences and knowledge of jazz, music in general and his own personal likes and dislikes. Although we’re sorry he didn’t enjoy our reinvention and more aggressive interpretation of “Blue in Green,” he absolutely loved our original material (“A Thousand Words” and “L.C.“), as well as, Ornette Coleman’s “Peace” – one of our favorites on the record too. Overall, we’re thankful to have the message of our musical offerings supported by the freetimes and Patrick Wall.

“…a keen sense of adventure

…taking daring risks

…it’s the two originals that best define the trio. Rapp’s “A Thousand Words” is the best ballad on the disc; it’s vibrant and romantic, Rapp’s marbled leads glistening over Bronston’s graceful chords. Bronston and Rapp tango delicately on “L.C.” It’s on these originals that the band really shines…”

Patrick Wall, freetimes

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